Friday, August 27, 2010

iPad: Fun for the Old(er) and the Young

My grandparents always impress me with their active lives, their knowledge of current events (my Grandma Monson knows way more about the goings-ons in Chicago than I do), and their willingness to keep up to date with technology. They have been using the Internet for a few years with a system called WebTV. Last week they the iPad! At my Mom and Aunt's b-day party last weekend my (>90 yr old) Grandpa was showing off what he's learned thus far and picking up a few new tricks from my Uncle Steve. Ironically, the other party-goer most interested in the iPad was my 2 year old cousin, Braden. I guess he knows how to play games on it! Apple really knows how to launch a product with mass (ages 2-90) appeal!

My Grandma and my cousin, enjoying the backyard BBQ.

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Aunt Donna! My Mom is holding a goose dressed in a tennis outfit, racket and all. Her and my cousin, Anna-Lisa, trade the goose back and forth for various holidays, always in different apparel. We are, indeed, a family of crazy people;)

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