Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scenes from Lakefront Path, North

When I post my runs on I list the route I ran. These routes may not mean much to non-locals or Chicago based folks who don't use the path (though it seems like a waste to live in Chicago and not use the path, so get out there people!). So today, I took a leisurely bike ride on my Lakefront Path, North route taking pictures along the way. So here are some scenes from a typical run on Lakefront Path, North:

Just before Oak Street Beach (1 mile mark).

Oak Street Beach. Most of the folks in the water are swimmers training for the Chicago Triathlon.

Belmont Harbor. (Mile 4)

Waveland Golf Course along the Lake. (Mile 5.5).

Still Mile 5.5.

Still Mile 5.5. I don't see this everyday! Groups of Marines training along the path, carrying "casualties", water, supplies.

I'm now on the return trip, heading back South. Here I am just at the beginning of the North Ave Beach. (Mile 12.5).

At the South end of North Ave Beach looking South to downtown. (Mile 13)

Looking back onto North Ave Beach. (Mile 13.5)

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