Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Last Supper (I Don't Know Who David Burke is...But I Like His Primehouse!)

The night before I started my MICU (medical intensive care unit) month, Adam took me out for one last supper. We knew we wouldn't see each other much for the next 28 days, and that I would be exhausted the little time I was home, so we wanted to spend some quality time together. Adam chose David Burke's Primehouse, as part of our continued quest determine which is truly the best Chicago steakhouse. I'm really glad we did, because I can remember how great this meal was when I'm stuck in the ICU eating ABP (Au bon pain) for breakfast, lunch and dinner on call!

The meal experience was great from the start. Adam had scoped out the menu ahead of time, and he already knew they had a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, so choosing my first glass of wine was an easy decision:) The first time the waiter stopped by Adam ordered "cake in a can". I came to find out that "cake in a can" is a David Burke's Primehouse special- made to order red velvet cake. More about this delicious treat at the end of the post.

The pre-dinner bread and butter was really good. The bread was warm and fluffy and the butter was just perfectly warm.

We had the Waguu beef sashimi appetizer pictured to the left. It was fantastic!

Ordering at steakhouses is always easy for me because I get the same entree- the filet mignon, petite if they have it. I've finally gotten into the habit of ordering the meat "rare" which is definitely the way to go. I certainly couldn't have white wine with steak, so I moved on to a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. (Twist my arm, if I have to have a second glass, I will;) )

Adam had the Dry Aged Greshburger that consisted of a 49 day dry aged burger with shaved prime rib on top. It was served w/ beer battered onion rings and Moroccan ketchup. We had the swiss chard and summer squash as sides- they were fresh and delicious. I've always said that you can judge a restaurant by how well they cook plain veggies.

This "cake in a can" dessert was quite the production. They make the cake fresh so it takes 45 minutes (thus the immediate ordering at the beginning of the meal). First, they bring out the mixers w/ cake batter for us to lick off. That's my favorite part of making cake in the first place- eating the batter over Adam's admonishments of "but the Salmonella!". So I got to enjoy that part without the hassle of baking. A few minutes later, they brought the cake out, in its can, and applied the cream cheese frosting tableside. A couple near us was having their ceasar salad tossed tableside- didn't compare to our delicious treat- I think they were jealous. Rightfully so, the cake was warm, the frosting was perfect, a scrumtious end to the night. And I had it for breakfast the next day. (Hey, I'm in the MICU, I can eat whatever I want, right?)

Tonight, on my overnight call in the MICU, I actually get to have a wonderful dinner prepared by my generous husband who took the time to make this delicious tomatillo-lime pork shoulder soup w/ cilantro rice. Just as good as anything at David Burke's because it was made with love;) (And he's a damn good cook!)

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  1. "I've finally gotten into the habit of ordering the meat "rare" which is definitely the way to go."

    You are a girl after my own heart.