Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Does This Look Weird to You?

Because based on the looks I got on my run to H and R Block this afternoon it looked weird to the tens of people I ran past. But really, what's a gal to do? I tried to drop off our W2s and other assorted tax forms on my drive home from work but there was some Chicago Public Schools rally blocking the traffic downtown so I couldn't get through. I suppose the options at that point were to drive home and park and then either 1) take a cab, 2) walk or 3) run to the tax place with the paperwork. I didn't want to waste money (or sit in the crazy rally traffic) with a cab. Walking the two miles there and back seemed like a giant waste of time especially since I still needed to run today. So, I tossed the paperwork into my empty Nathan hydration pack, threw on some winter running clothes and went for a run!

34 weeks "running errands"

It was hilarious! The LOOKS on people's FACES! I need to run outside more often because it is so entertaining! The folks in my gym(s) are used to the crazy pregnant woman who runs at least a mile every day (and her crazy husband who runs 3 miles every day!). But regular people on the streets of Chicago are apparently NOT used to a 34 week pregnant lady on the run! Most people looked confused as they saw me approach, and for some this look turned into one of surprise or shock when they realized, yes, yes, she's pregnant. One 70+ year old woman looked absolutely horrified. Only one person- a thin, apparently fit woman with a toddler in a stroller- gave me a wide grin. Must have recently been a pregnant runner herself. But really, people, does this look that odd? Maybe don't answer that:)

Is the hydration pack that gives me away?

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