Saturday, March 16, 2013

32 weeks

First family photo!
Just a quick update on fun things that occurred during week 32 of our pregnancy!

Last weekend, I succumbed to the baby bump craze and took some pregnancy photos. I wasn't initially planning on doing this, but so may people (including strangers) have been commenting on my "cute" baby bump that I figured maybe one day I'd want some pictures to reflect on the "cuteness" of it all, so Adam and I headed up to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for a photo shoot. Adam is an excellent photographer and despite being just a little on the cold side, we had a great time and got some wonderful shots. Here are a few of my favorites:

Had to be goofy!

With one of babybison's bison bibs!

This was a great week of exercise. Two prenatal training sessions, 2 great spins and a glorious 4 mile run. The 4 mile run was so wonderful! I felt comfortable, no niggles- pregnancy related or otherwise. I felt like I could have gone a few more miles but I kept thinking about the 18 lbs I've gained and how my poor joints haven't had a lot of time to adapt to the weight and the fact that my knee hurt earlier in the week so I left it at 4. But I'll try for more next week if I'm feeling good. In addition to this being a solid run physically, mentally it was awesome as well since it took place on a treadmill next to a 20 something young guy, who was running 30s/mile slower than me. I'm not ashamed to admit it, that made me feel really good about how I'm doing running-wise 32 weeks into my pregnancy! :) And I got new running shoes that just happen to be my favorite color purple! It's hard to believe these will be the shoes I wear on my postpartum runs only 8 weeks away!

That's a serious bump!

I promise I'm running!

Today was another fun day with a little baby celebration at my in-laws house. In addition to a lovely lunch, a crazy amount of adorable little girl clothes and catching up with the family, I was treated to a hand, back and foot/leg massage from my niece Maya. This girl has mad massage skills! No joke, her hand massage is way better than any I've ever had at a salon! It was so sweet for my mother and sister-in-law to arrange this event!

So cute!

Leg massage with Maya.

And lastly, in response to lots of queries about "the nursery" from friends and family, here's a picture of the crib all done up with lavender elephant sheets. Since babybison will be in my room to start, which was already purple, lavender was the easy choice for bedding and room decor. I'm not modifying what's on her wall which is 30+ photos of good memories over the past few years that Adam put up for my birthday years ago. He adds photos periodically to ensure the number of photos keeps up with or exceeds my birthday year, so there are 35+ right now. And my wedding photo is on the side wall. What better for babybison to look up at than photos of her parents enjoying each other and their family and friends? And soon enough, she'll be on the wall as well!

Close up of the crib with extra sheets, blankets including two from Grandma Bison!

The crib and changing table. Changing table with eventually have cute baskets on the
shelves and a diaper pad with supplies on top!

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