Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scary, Gimpy, Taper Week Run

Eek! Went for what was supposed to be an easy taper week run but half-way through I had weird right calf/behind the knee pain. I'm not going to lie- it freaked me out. Taper week can be a little scary between avoiding injury and avoiding the dreaded cold. My husband's been sick and I have been avoiding him like the plague. Thank goodness he's getting better because he's going to come to Rochester with me and run the 1/2 marathon, which makes the whole race experience so much more fun. Even better is the fact that the 1/2 and full participants run together for the first 12 miles- great fun!

So needless to say this leg tweak freaked me out so I did some walking. Each time I retried the leg it still felt funny so I bagged the run early. Hopefully I can convince Adam to a some quick calf massage tonight and all will be well tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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