Monday, January 2, 2012

Running Year in Review 2011

2011 is officially over so like running bloggers throughout the blogosphere I will write my year in review. Overall, by the numbers, this has been a great year. I had many running achievements. However the past few months I've been in a non-running tailspin mostly because of my work hours but there's been a touch of amotivation as well. Looking at the below numbers reminded me that despite working out way less than I'd like and not seriously sticking to any kind of training plan, I made some improvements this year and I should be proud of that. One of the many joys of running is that it takes a long time to get better; incremental improvements should be celebrated! So celebrate I will.

Number of miles I ran this year


Number of days I ran at least 1 mile


Number of races I ran


Number of PRs

Lincoln Park Turkey Trot 8K (44:03)

Chicago Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon (1:58:29)

Maui Oceanfront Marathon (4:20:58)- PR at the time

Rockford Marathon (4:05:18)


Number of marathons I ran (all with Adam!)

Maui Oceanfront Marathon, January 2011

Rockford Marathon, May 2011

Madison Marathon, May 2011 (two weeks later)

Louisville Marathon, October 2011


Number of new states in which I ran a marathon



New marathon PR time:)



New mile PR time (on the treadmill):)


Years until I (expect/hope to) qualify for Boston


Age Group Win!!

Happy New Year to all!!!

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