Thursday, September 16, 2010

Somebody, somewhere, is running right now.....

One of the many cool things about living in Chicago is the entusiasm this town has for the Chicago Marathon. There are so many runners on the path this time of year, huffing and puffing their way through a Hal Higdon, Jeff Galloway, Pete Pfitzinger, or home-grown marathon training schedule. Many go it alone or with a couple friends, but a lot of people do it with the assistance of an entire running group. A week ago Saturday, I spent the morning watching with amazement all the huge running groups on the path from my dining table as I ate a leisurely breakfast (with NO intention to join them, it was a rest day for me!). When you are out there running, you don't realize how many groups there are but from a stationary vantage point, like my apartment, you really appreciate how many there are. At least 30 groups of >15 runners went by in the 30 minutes I was watching. So motivating. Way to go, Chicago runners!!


  1. You are so right, I just saw a post by a friend who works downtown and she posted all sorts of banners and things for the race. Looked amazing!!!

  2. That would definitely be inspiring! I get excited when I just one other runner running around my little town. :)