Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful Weekend

Thanks to my mom, Adam and baby Zooey combined with good luck and good weather this was a perfect weekend! Highlights:

1. SLEEP!! Z only got up once in the middle of the night Friday AND Saturday. Friday didn't feel that restful because she got up at 1:30 am and then at 5:30 am (which I'm counting as morning rather than middle of the night) but Saturday by ANY measure she "slept through the night" from 7:15 until 3:30 am! That's over EIGHT hours!! We, of course, want to replicate this but we have no idea why it happened. Maybe she matured just enough, maybe her fussy spell earlier in the week was the developmental growth spurt that allowed for this? Maybe it was the busy busy day with lots of stimulation at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Saturday? Maybe it was that Grandma has sleep gifts we do not because it was indeed the first night in months that she was put to bed by someone other than Mom or Dad? Whatever it was, it shows she is capable of long sleeping and while I know this won't happen every night it was a taste of a more sleep filled future!

2. EXERCISE!! 19 mile spin on Friday and Lake Michigan swim on Sunday gave my mental health a boost. Mom and Zooey walked with me to the swim and along the lake as I swam today which gave me the extra motivation I needed to deal with the HUGE waves in the lake. It was a tough swim but I got it done. Phew!

3. ZOOEY TIME!! Zooey has been waking up smiling and ready for the day lately. She even entertains herself in the crib for 30 minutes to an hour before requesting our attention in the morning. What a sweetie:) Then it's smiles, smiles and more smiles when we come to fetch her. She has a favorite toy- Mr Monkey- that makes her smile even if she is hungry, tired, or otherwise cranky. And Sunday, she rolled over for the first time! My mom, having a sixth sense about these things, announced to Adam and I that Zooey was about to do tummy time so we were loitering around and we all got to see it happen! Zooey laid on her back sorta stunned for a minutes afterwards ("What just happened?") then went about playing in her activity gym. Fun stuff.

"Hello, Mr Monkey!"

Grandma and Z

4. CHICAGO ADVENTURES!! The four of us (Mom, Adam, Zooey and I) went up to the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Saturday. It was an absolutely beautiful day with the flowers in full bloom. We tried to recreate one of the pregnancy photos with Zooey which was challenging to say the least but the result is still good. Note that Adam's head is partially cut off- he says that's just what happens when your head is "too big" :)

March 2013
August 2013

5. VAL AND ADAM TIME!! My Mom is the best. Seriously. She stayed the weekend (rather than going back home to Cherry Valley) just so Adam and I could have a few hours alone together at Lollapalooza. I really wasn't sure if going to see Mumford and Sons was the right thing to do- we are so tired! But I feel if we don't keep doing the things we like now we could easily become those folks whose lives so revolve around their kids that they lose themselves- not the kind of parent I want to be! Plus, I think it's vital for the parent relationship to be maintained as a separate entity- Adam and I need our alone time together to keep our relationship healthy and happy, which is certainly a good thing for Zooey! I think the technical term is 'trickle down happiness' :) Or it should be, anyway. We really had a great time at the show! We found great standing room on the steps just stage left so we had an unobstructed view. Folks were super friendly, everyone was in such a great mood- all 150,000 of us watching the show! We left a bit early and stopped by to catch a couple Postal Service songs on our way out which was great fun as well. And home by 10, followed by a 5 hour sleep! All in all, the best weekend we've had in a long while!

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