Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Have Smiles!!!

About a week ago babybison began smiling with regularity, clearly in response to us and playing as opposed to the random smiles of her newborn days. The smiles are still rare enough that they are a special treat to see and hard to capture on camera. However my mom got a few good ones, enjoy!

"I love my Grandma Nelson"

Look at those fat legs!

I finally fit in my chair!!

My attempt (and miss) at capturing her smile, but you can see it in her eyes
  (that's how you know it's a "real" smile and not a "gas" smile)

I couldn't resist including a few non-smiling poses including this series showing Zooey's skill at getting her socks and booties off:

Booties intact.

"Shake, shake shake...."
"Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booties! Shake your!"

Zooey thinks she's a squirrel with those fat cheeks. I had to remind her that she's a babybison!

Until next time!

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