Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy (belated) Birthday Dad!

Last weekend my Dad had a big birthday. This post was all written and ready for submission last week but since someone else had a big birthday on April 17th (more on that later) I wasn't able to get it posted on time. I'm sure my Dad understands:) Anyway, I suppose it's not polite to say how old (or young) he turned but let's just say it ain't 50 and it ain't 70. Get my drift? In reality, however, I don't know a single person who thinks he looks or acts his age- he is extremely fit, active and goofy- much younger than his chronologic years.

To celebrate, my Mom and I planned a surprise birthday party. Beyond coming up with the surprise idea and creating the invite, I must admit and give full credit to my Mom for putting together most of the details. Adam also had a key role in keeping Dad out of the house while Anna-Lisa, Jason, Mom and I got everything prepped. Turns out tricking my Dad into leaving the house wasn't all that hard. And he definitely had no idea about the party! We told him Adam and I wanted to come out to watch March Madness. When we arrived at 11 am (for a first game that doesn't start until 5) I said I was tired and needed a nap and Adam suggested lunch and a beer at Olympic Tavern. My Dad said sure. Luckily he didn't think anything of the fact that we drove all the way to Cherry Valley just for me to take a nap!

A-L and Jason arrived a few minutes later and the rush to get prepped was on! Decorations, food, we ran around and got everything done no problem. I think 4 people is the right number of people to prep a house in 1.5 hours for a surprise party. Might not have worked out with just two!

The guests started arriving and everyone did a great job of hiding their cars. Adam kept giving me the play-by-play of what they were up to (he had to ad lib a bit- they got a brewery tour to kill some time) and when Dad arrived we were all in our positions, hidden so we could surprise him en masse. It was almost too easy!

Excellent hiding spot!

As you can see from the photo, he was definitely surprised!

Dad totally shocked, Mom thrilled that we pulled it off!

In lieu of gifts, I thought it would be more fun and much more memorable to have a 'Rick Roast' where we tell stories about my Dad, preferably stories that make fun of my Dad. He's quite the jokester and there are no shortage of stories about ways he's tricked others or funny things he's done and he's quite able to laugh at/with himself, a very admirable trait that I like to think I've acquired! I think he enjoyed the gentle ribbing and reminders of good times over the past "x" number of years. He certainly was a good sport about it!

Dad trying to correct his friend Mike's story. Sure, Dad, whatever you say;)

Dad with Mom, sisters and brother

Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you!

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