Sunday, July 15, 2012

Val Around Town

This weekend is my second weekend off IN A ROW and my first weekend off spent at home since fellowship ended. I haven't had two consecutive weekends off (not including one two-week formal vacation) in over a year. I'm not sure that regular M-F office workers have a full appreciation of how luxurious it is to have two days off a week. I feel like a real person again. I think of things I'd like to do and then I DO them or at least make PLANS to do them rather than thinking, "one day maybe I'll do that". So great. I don't get panicky when it's 9 pm and I'm not asleep yet because I can sleep in next weekend!

So how did I spend my first weekend day of freedom? Here's the play-by-play.
Not my teeth

7 am: Getting up at 7 am is sleeping in, I'll take it!

8:40 am: Nice convertible ride down to the dentist. My hygienist is so gentle, I almost fell asleep in the chair. Very relaxing.

9-10:30 am: Got caught up some work. Working at home on the weekend for a few hours at a time is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than having to go in to work at a certain time and not being able to leave until everything is dealt with.

10:30-12: Researched and booked a hotel for the Big Sur International Marathon in April which I will register for in 23 minutes (registration opens at 7 am pacific time this AM).

My new shoe!
12-1 pm: Worked on blog posts. There's such a huge back log of posts I want to write!

1-2 pm: Ran w/ Adam, Lunch, Shower

2-3:30 pm: Tried on and rented a wet suit at Fleet Feet. While there, I bought new running shoes as well! I've been running with Brooks Ravennas for a while and I like to try new things so this time I got the Mizuno Wave Inspires. Turquoise seems to be the shoe color of the season (the new Ravennas were turquoise as well). Adam says my shoes look like the color of the Italian flag and that I shouldn't be surprised if people offer me pizza while I'm running to which I said "Fabulous! Where have these shoes been all my life?" :)

3-4 pm: Grocery shopping at Mariano's

Our VIP passes
I look so lopsided!
5-8 pm: Used our VIP access passes to attend the Pitchfork Music Festival over in the West Loop. We listened to the Chromatics who I liked a lot. For those who know M83, the Chromatics are kind of a lighter, less intense, slightly more 80s version of M83. People watching was highly entertaining as usual- there were some prime weirdos out in full force. Prize for most strange attire of the day was a chubby man wearing a woman's traditional West African dress with tights, galoshes and a flower in his hair. Hmm. Much to my surprise we were far from the oldest people there. The older I get the less I find standing outside in the heat with a bunch of people with questionable hygiene to be tolerable, but last night the weather was nice and I didn't even get stepped on (a first at an outdoor music fest!) so I have no complaints.

That's a little more normal.

8-9 pm: Consumed tasty gelato at Black Dog Gelato in Ukranian Village. I had Salted Peanut and Chai Spice and Adam had Salted Peanut, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Goat Cheese, Carmel and Cashew. It was a beautiful night, a perfect night for music, gelato and a nice ride in Elly:)

On tap today: Swimming with my wetsuit at Oak Street Beach and registering for the Big Sur International Marathon. I could get used to this two-day weekend business:)

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