Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ah...a Long Run

I haven't written a running related post in a while so here goes. I ran 18 today at an overall pace of 9:15 which I'm quite happy with, especially given the circumstances. The wind was INTENSE. And since I was on the lakefront I fought it the entire way home without any breaks. Yes, I had the wind at my back on the way South but I think fighting 25 mph wind for 8.5 miles straight more than overtook any benefit I may have had from the wind helping me up front. I generally don't mind "the elements". Wind, rain, snow, cold, hills (not really an element)- they all serve to add variety to a run, which is good. (Heat and humidity, however, add nothing but pain and suffering.) My marathon PR was on a windy, windy day. But the course meandered back and forth into and out of the wind so it was tolerable. This straight into the wind non-stop situation was brutal. I imagine that's how the marathon in Antarctica is. That will be a tough one, but it will happen one day, I have no doubt.

So not surprisingly there were no negative splits today. The first 10 miles I did in sub-9 minute miles, but they way back I fought to keep each mile under 10 minutes and I succeeded in all but 1 mile.

In general though, I felt strong and any time there was even a 2 second break in the wind I felt myself surging ahead. If this was a calm day I could have keep all sub-9 splits easy.

I hope/think a sub-4:00 marathon is not too far away!

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  1. Nice long run! I think wind is my least favorite element to deal with during a run. And it seems like all spring time long runs a windy. Call it character building.