Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 1 of Training a Bust....Thank Goodness for Day 2..and 3...and 4...

Yeah, I didn't get up early this AM to exercise. I did get up early because I woke up wide awake at 5:30, but even though I got up and out of bed, I didn't exercise. Ugh! Getting back into the morning routine is HARD!

Then I went and had an awful day at work so no way in heck was I able to motivate myself to do more than my requisite mile tonight. So after grumbling a bit (okay a LOT) about the nonsense that happened today, I'm going to make an exercise schedule for the rest of the week, thereby making it harder for me to bail in the mornings.

I'm going to use a combo of the 3:40 and the 3:45 Run Less, Run Faster Plans. I actually need to run a bit faster than that for the race itself (for my BQ, that is), but this will be my starting point and I'll upgrade to the 3:30 plan in a few weeks (hopefully). My long runs are definitely at the paces prescribed for the 3:40 (or faster) plan. I'm confident in my ability to do any of the 1st 6 weekly long runs right now without further training. But I'm not nearly fast enough to do the tempo and speed workouts in the 3:40 plan and will be lucky to pull off those in the 3:45. Interesting. I'm really a distance runner, I guess. I'm so, so much slower on speed work. Guess that's why I need to do more speed work!

Anyway, gotta go to bed soon so here's the plan:

Tuesday: 1 mile w/u, 1 x 1600 @ 8:00, 1 x 1600 @ 7:50, 1 x 1600 at 7:40, 1 mile c/d
Wednesday: 1 mile run, JM Abs video
Thursday: 6 mile run (2 easy, 2 hard, 2 easy)
Friday: 1 mile run, JM Yoga video
Saturday: Chicago Monster 1/2 Marathon
Sunday: 1 mile run

Not super ambitious, but it is if you consider how little exercise I've done over the past few weeks!

Time to buckle down, my friends, time to buckle down.

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